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About Us

The DuKum Inn was established at this location as a local tavern in 1938.

This business has a long and rich history.

Our goal has always been to retain the

original early-century feel of the tavern

while keeping ahead of the current trends in product sales in the industry.

We are committed to allowing this business to change according to the desires of our patrons

and the emerging trends in the liquor industry,

while retaining its integrity and character.


Craig Shorten bought the DuKum in 1986.

His innovation and determination have played a major role in the continued success of this business.

With many renovations under it's belt, the DuKum Inn has emerged into one of the largest bars in the area.

Adding on to the original layout, we have created two more rooms on the main floor, two rooms upstairs and an expansive covered patio area.

The addition of the restaurant has also created more reasons to come in and enjoy the local flavor.

Things are always changing and improving at the DuKum Inn.


What the DuKum is and has always been about are our customers.

Ask any of the regulars and they’ll be happy to tell you that it’s their bar—and it is!

They are our reason for being, and we not only love to serve them, but serve them in the manner to which they’ve become accustomed.

We try to make every patron

‘happy they came in and sorry they have to go.’

There’s a fine line between customer and friend here, and the longer you stick around, the finer that line will become.


Our policies help us foster the positive and progressive attitudes that allow the DuKum to be what both the customers and employees need:

A great place to be no matter what side of the bar you’re on!



We are very happy to serve you.

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